3D Printing

3D Printing: Evaluate your knowledge in electronics

Thinking of the first item, you can find the printer assembly kits. It’s cheaper and cool to build your equipment. In addition to being customizable, you will learn a great deal about the workings and importance of each piece, helping with future problem solving in 3D Printing .

However, to assemble a kit, some prior knowledge is required. Especially in electronics, if you don’t have much practice with this, consider buying an already assembled printer. This can greatly reduce the time to get your printer up and running and cause fewer headaches, as calibrating the printer to produce quality parts is not so simple.

  • Good electronics knowledge – a Mounting kit is a good option
  • Unknowingly – Get printer already assembled.

Determine your available time to work with the printer.

This last point deals with its availability. 3D printers are not yet plug and play, meaning they still don’t work as a home appliance. Which you plug in and it is already working. As modern as they are, the printers need some adjustments.

3D Printing

Many factors will interfere with an impression, such as the ambient temperature. The filaments will also change the machine parameters. Each supplier works with temperature ranges. It is interesting to find the right filament supplier and always work with him.

Given all of the above, finding the best 3D printer option is an essential step in your business or personal use. A poor purchase can cause you to give up on this technology and not reap the rewards of equipment with great possibilities. Try to evaluate each point placed here.

3D printing is a worldwide trend and Brazilians are increasingly interested in using the technology. Promising a revolution in the manufacture of homemade products and project molds, the technique, however, runs into problems such as cost, import difficulties and lack of training to operate the equipment.

How much does a 3D printer cost?

Buying a 3D printer will require considerable investment from interested parties. The price of the product can range from $ 5,999 for compact models to over $ 45,000 on professional, high-detail printers. Therefore, it is essential to know which type of printer will meet your needs.

For those who like to bargain, it is currently possible to find printer models spread across various websites and even major retail chains in Brazil. Also, some companies sell all online and others that maintain points for service and personal support in some capitals.

Before buying the equipment, however, it is important to be aware if there is technical support from the manufacturer in your city or nearby. Also, check out the warranty and terms offered by the company to avoid any problems.

3D printer ‘helps’ kids make their own toys

Like regular printers, 3D models also need to constantly change the plastic filament used in the manufacture of products. Prices range from $ 139 to $ 406 at online retailers and manufacturers’ website in Brazil.

Before you buy, you need to make sure that the filament used in the three dimensional printer. If the material is suitable for the type of product you want to print. Currently, it is possible to find various types of raw materials on the market. Such as PLA and ABS, with sizes of 1.75 mm and 3 mm.

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