Choosing the Smart Options in Real Estate Deals

When choosing a real estate lawyer, several questions should be taken into account. Many clients choose a lawyer primarily on the basis of price and availability, which are of course important factors, but to be truly satisfied with the legal services, it is advisable to consider other criteria as well. A visit to www.kolodnylaw.co.il makes things perfect now.

What decides about choosing a lawyer?

For such a professional and complex service, it is obviously difficult to know in advance which law firm will carefully address your legal matter, whether the lawyer has sufficient knowledge and experience in the given area of ​​law and whether the price of his services is reasonable. Inexperienced people often seek help in free online legal counseling because they fear high prices for legal services. In fact, there are very few places where you can get a qualified, more detailed answer to your question for free.

Lawyers do not usually provide legal advice in this way, and if so, it is only a form of advertising for paid services. So you will never get an answer that would allow you to solve the problem without the help of a lawyer. There are counseling centers that aim to combat domestic violence, counseling for mothers with children and similar services, where trained staff without legal education will usually advise you. These services are also intended for a very narrow group of people. There is an enormous interest in free legal advice, so it is likely that you will wait a long time for an answer, which often has adverse consequences, as missed deadlines are usually not forgiven in our legal order.

Area of ​​law


If you find that you need to find a real expert, you need to set criteria for how to search. The first question should be what lawyer you need. Lawyers often specialize, and a lawyer who has been involved in divorce throughout his life may not be the best advocate in real estate proceedings. It is, therefore, necessary to clarify in what area of ​​law your problem falls. This may be civil, commercial, labor, family, criminal, administrative, copyright, etc.

You should also consider whether your problem is common or a completely specific matter. If you are dealing with a normal divorce, you may want to consult a civil lawyer or general practitioner. Usually, you don’t need a family law specialist, and you can’t even recommend specialized divorce lawyers, who can often push you into unnecessary disputes just to increase their remuneration, because their earnings come exclusively from conflicts between clients. Conversely, if you do not want to quickly resolve a case, settle a file and address the issues of raising property, but you want to really sweeten your opponent regardless and price, no one will help you as well as a real estate lawyer.

A law firm or 3rd-year student

You should also be interested in whether you really need a lawyer or can be helped by someone with little more experience in law. If a lawsuit is inevitable, there is usually no other reasonable option but to grant a power of attorney to a lawyer. If you argue with your relatives or neighbor about who has what to do, often a consultation with a law student can help to clarify the problem. The first two years at our faculties of law rather learn theories and history, so questions about the applicable law are meant to ask students of the third and higher years.

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