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Define a layout for storing your goods

Structuring the layout of a warehouse is a task that needs to be mapped out so that space is as efficient as possible in everyday life. Consideration should be given to the flow of operations and the movement of equipment, tools and operators. One of the goals, when defining the layout, is to use all available spaces in an organized and flexible way. It is necessary to signal corridors and shelves and to define the places where operations will take place. Reaching the best with the Tiger Containers happens to be easy here.

Take care of the organization of physical space

The organization, storage and cleaning are indispensable factors to maintain the state of conservation of the warehouse and goods and to prevent accidents in the workplace. Care should be taken when leaving boxes on the floor as they can hinder the handling of the forklifts. Always keep traffic places free of unused material. These items should be discarded or segregated in another delimited location with stripes. Clean frequently to prevent dusty merchandise from being sent to customers.

Share inventory management with your supplier

Many companies define that inventory management of raw materials and finished products is managed by suppliers, product manufacturers. Thus, the supplier has access to inventory data and is responsible for replacing the item when volume decreases, generating speed and productivity for the business.

Tiger Containers

Control your stock

In order to carry out reliable stock control, it is necessary to manage all inputs and outputs of raw materials and finished products. Physical inventory must always be the same as book inventory. To avoid unnecessary unforeseen circumstances, due to lack of production inputs or some merchandise for sale, always keep a minimum safety stock of the products that have the highest turnover.

If your company product has an expiration date, it is important to pay attention to a widely used system, which is FIFO (First In, First Out), which means that the first product to enter the warehouse should be the first one out. This will prevent the expiration of the goods.

Perform Cyclic Inventories

To ensure a good accuracy of your stock, often make inventories. This way you ensure product availability. And if there are any problems, you will be able to anticipate the resolution and take steps to prevent the problems from recurring.

Use technology to your advantage

Investing in a good inventory management system is paramount for the company. In the market, there are options to ready systems as well as software that can be customized according to the business needs. Automation brings many benefits to business processes, such as reporting, product addressing, reducing manually entered data errors, agile decision making, cost management, and more.

Arrange goods receipt and issue

Controlling goods in and out should be the first thing to do. For this, it is important to have inventory management software that allows you to keep track automatically. In the case of a smaller company, the control of inputs and outputs can be done through a spreadsheet, but this will require more attention from the people in charge so that no posting errors occur.

The entry and exit control should contain all product information, including document annotation, product quantity, addressing where the goods will be stored, and when leaving, you must check out of the departure date.

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