NYC silk rug cleaners

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If you have a valuable, more delicate carpet, get some Sommières soil in an organic or DIY store. Its natural clay with a stain-removing and degreasing power. Sprinkle on the stain, leave on overnight, and then vacuum the next morning. You can get the best deals with the NYC silk rug cleaners also.

Removing a stain of wine on a carpet

Catastrophe, one of your guests spilled his glass of wine on your beautiful white carpet. Do not panic. First reflex: put absorbent paper to suck up the liquid and avoid its spread. Then sprinkle Sommières earth, starting around the stain to the center. Do not rub, just leave it on for a few hours ideally overnight, then aspirate the powder.

NYC silk rug cleaners

Clean bathroom rugs

For all cotton or machine rugs, wash them all together, ideally once a week or every 10 days. Opt for detergent based on Marseille soap shavings and replace the softener with white vinegar added with essential oils.

You can’t remove a stain from my carpet or is it too big to a machine? First solution: entrust it to a laundry or dry cleaning service, certified organic. Your carpet will benefit from professional dry cleaning, without chemicals.

4 golden rules if you have rugs

  1. To avoid the proliferation of bacteria on your carpets especially if you have a baby at home, remove your shoes at the entrance and use indoor slippers that are not soiled by outside bacteria.
  2. Underfloor heating also promotes their development. If you have this heating mode, you will need to clean your carpets more. Likewise, carpets with natural fibers require more maintenance than synthetic carpets. Indeed, the latter retain fewer bacteria. Disadvantage: these carpets are less ecological.
  3. Also take care that your carpets do not remain damp, an environment favorable to the multiplication of microbes of all kinds.
  4. Finally, always read the cleaning precautions and test the cleaning on a small part of the carpet before you start all, especially if your carpet is fragile and or expensive.

Dry cleaning is a technique used for high value or fragile carpets. It is safer than other methods and most of the time produces quite satisfactory results. To clean the entire surface of the carpet, simply sprinkle it with Sommières earth. It is completely natural clay which has a strong degreasing and stain-removing power. The powder acts overnight and will be aspirated the next day.

To process a task, you must not wait and act quickly. For this, you must blot the stain with ultra-absorbent paper and sprinkle all around with Sommières earth. It is important not to rub, at the risk of worsening the situation. The powder needs several hours to work. Finally, it should be vacuumed the next day with a vacuum cleaner and a brush.

It is also possible to use baking soda to partially or completely clean the carpet. This white powder acts in the same way as Sommières earth and will remove bad smells from the carpet. The suction will be done after a night of rest. If the stains persist, mix two large spoons of baking soda with a cup of hot water and rub this mixture on the stain for several minutes. The gesture must go from outside to inside to avoid spreading it.

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