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Greater Choices for the best of Digital Marketing

Generally speaking, it is recommended to do search engine optimization and an active presence on social media in order to increase website traffic. These are the two most important channels for the inbound marketing maker. What if the time is not enough for both of them and you have to make a choice between the two? In my recent blog, we evaluated the pros and cons of search engine optimization, which we compare to the pros and cons of social media on this blog. After the comparison, we will endeavor to make a reasoned summary of the subject. For adpoint gmbh now you can have the best choices.

Why use social media?

The Benefits of Using Social Media

Social media promotes search engine optimization

Since we’ve just added up the pros and cons of search engine optimization, you’re probably interested in knowing how social media affects search engine optimization. Social media is one of the most effective channels for building active external links to your site, increasing visitor traffic to your site, and encouraging potential customers to interact with you.

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Social media helps to build a personal relationship

Social media should be presented as a person – not as a business. This will help you give a face to the company you represent and interact directly with your stakeholders. Social media allows for a personal relationship and more personal customer service.

Social media is multichannel

Social Media provides a comprehensive network for effectively distributing content, such as that published on your website. The same content in different types of messages is suitable for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. This effectively increases the visibility of your content.

Social media enables accurate targeting

While search engine optimization focused on finding the most effective keywords, social media offers the opportunity to target a person based on their age, gender, or even interests. This will further refine your marketing efforts.

Social media makes it possible to take advantage of customer feedback

Surveys show that 80% of young consumers use online customer feedback to support their purchasing decisions and 51% of them find online feedback more effective than related party recommendations. Presence in social media also contributes to customer feedback.

Weaknesses in social media utilization

Social media fails without content

Success in social media requires a strong content strategy. You must be able to produce new content through a continuous feed so that there is always material to share. So in this respect, the content pressures are the same as on the search engine optimization side – the range of content types is just typically wider on the web.

Social content is aging quickly

Unlike search engine optimization, content created for social media is rapidly obsolete. Your update in Twitter or Facebook feed will be lost within hours. Therefore, there is no long-term benefit of investing in social media.

Success in somebody takes time

Success in social media is based on the general public, but building up a follower is a time-consuming task. While you can take advantage of paid audiences as a bypass band, it will be expensive in the long run. So be prepared for months or even years before social media becomes an effective source of the traffic to your site.

Using social media is hectic

Social media is constantly updated with feeds and channels based on activity. As a result, in order to cope with social media, you need to be able to follow social media events daily and respond quickly to comments and questions posted via some.

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