Guide to Stress-Free Airport Parking

Airports are one of the most magical and lovable places. All the hellos and goodbyes that begin or end at the airport hold an adorable story behind. They are actually a symbol of new beginnings.

Clearly, airport experiences are extremely emotional and memorable but on the other side of the picture, finding a correct parking place at the airport can actually be a backbreaker task. Almost everyone experiences this kind of trouble.

There are several questions that flood our minds while we think of locating an appropriate and safe parking place at the airport. It’s hard to understand what should be the correct time to book the airport parking. Safety is another big concern that people are worried about.

To end up your struggle we hereby provide you an extremely uncomplicated guide that can aid you in finding the correct parking place at the airport.

1) Select the right parking alternative for yourself

Booking a parking place at the airport is easier said than done. Parking might seem a trivial task, but the right choice greatly influences the experience you will have at the airport.

An airport is a place where your journey actually begins, which is why no one ever wants any hustle-bustle right at the start. The most important factor while choosing an appropriate parking place is to introspect if it actually matches your needs, as otherwise, it is of no much use.

A wrong and quick choice might spoil your mood at the very beginning of your trip. Additionally, if your budget is constricted, making a choice becomes even more difficult. In order to reach closer to the airport, you might have to pay a little extra amount, which is totally undesirable for everyone.

 Most of the time people on family trips are loaded with extra and heavy luggage, which makes them wish for a parking place right in front of the terminal. This really helps to unload the heavy luggage and makes it extremely comfortable.

This guide curated below can be very helpful as it looks for all the necessary factors and helps you choose the best option for yourself. Honestly, this important choice can give you a highly pleasant start and raise your excitement levels for the trip.

On-Airport Parking

Well, this one is the most convenient one as it is situated just a few steps away from the terminal. This nearest option is frequently preferred for being the easiest and quickest. One can completely be stress-free as this does not even burden their pocket. The price is very much affordable. It is located on the airport grounds. Also, this can be of great help to those who are always late and are in a hurry to reach the terminals.

On the whole, it is the best choice if you are carrying more baggage, or if you have time constraints.

Meet & Greet Parking

This type of parking is a big relief to the distressed drivers who don’t want to take any burden of finding a correct parking place themselves. Meet and greet parking is extremely convenient as you are attended by a driver right outside the terminal, whereafter the driver takes complete responsibility to park the car for you. The whole burden of finding the correct place is on the shoulders of the driver, which consequently saves the passengers from the last minute hodgepodge.

Nonetheless, the cost of such kind of parking is slightly higher.

But it still can be considered as the best choice for the families, tense drivers, and business travelers.

Park & Ride

For those who are just looking for a simple and pleasant experience can certainly opt for the park and ride option. Herein, you just have to park your car at the airport ground and then catch a quick shuttle bus that drops you at the terminal. Travelers do not have to wait much for the buses as they continuously operate at the airport. The biggest boon of choosing this alternative is that it is extremely kind to your pocket. 

Thus, it can be treated as a friendly alternative for the penny pitchers, anxious drivers, and simple travelers.

2) Advance bookings come with better deals

The earlier you book, the better it gets. Airport parking prices keep fluctuating from time to time. Therefore, the best is to book well before time and grab the best of the pocket-friendly deals. Black Fridays or the month of January are considered the most fortunate days to avail the best deals. The airport parking works on the simple supply and demand rule, as soon as the bookings start to fill up, the prices of the leftover slots start shooting up.

But one must never forget to look for their cancellation policies. The deal should be under flexible rules which must allow you to make certain changes in case of uncalled situations.

3) Safety of the Vehicle

Safety is another big concern while parking at airports. Travelers must verify that the site they choose for parking must possess a Park mark accreditation which ensures that the site is examined under the strict expert guidance of the development managers. This also ensures the client of parking at a place with high-security standards and eliminates their fear of experiencing any anti-social behavior or criminal activity. 

Therefore, one must always look for the park mark award while booking a car park.

4) Review the Estimated Transfer Time

Though all the service providers do inform you about the estimated transfer times yet it is always wise to keep a little window in order to avoid the last-minute chaos. The park and ride alternative is undoubtedly a cheaper option but one must always consider the extra travel time required to make the transfers. The time displayed by the service providers at the time of booking is bound to change during peak hours, hence it is always advised to leave a little earlier than the estimated time.

5) Book a hotel with parking facility

To add to your comfort, the hotels near the airport provide you safe parking service. In the case of midnight flights, it becomes really tiring to drive to the airport, thus having a hotel near the airport with parking is like a cherry on the cake. It saves you from a lot of mess. Also, when the distance of the hotel from the airport is less, it automatically lowers your chance of missing a flight. The comfort of staying calm for the flight that comes with this alternative is a bliss in itself. 

The little extra price that you have to pay for while choosing this is totally worth it.

How are price comparison websites generous to your pocket?

It is always suggested that one must never directly book from the car parks as they charge a high price and do not offer any discounts. There are some car parking websites that purchase these parking spaces at negotiable rates and then later sell it to the customers. Such platforms offer a huge percentage of discount as compared to the little discounts offered by the carparks. A 15-30% discount is further accompanied by a wide variety of options for travelers to choose from. Additionally, the options they provide are well tested for their security standards.

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