Menu Suggestions..


Below are some menu samples, ranging from a simple luncheon to the full blown traditional "rijsttafel". Remember they are only suggestions and you're free to substitute any dish that takes your liking. Unlike western customs, where the starters, main dishes and desserts are served as different courses, with Indonesian meals all dishes are served at once. As all my main recipes are planned for 4 persons as a main meal, you can either reduce the amount you prepare or make the stated amount and have 6-7 servings. The most enjoyable way to serve a Indonesian meal is to give every guest a hot plate and put all the food in the centre of the table. Guest can then serve them self with rice (boiled or fried) and put small amounts of the available foods around their plate which they can add to all through their meal.

We start of with a simple lunch or light evening meal. Total preparation time is about 30 - 45 mins. Allow enough time to cool the boiled rice and marinade the sate's. This is a good introduction to the Indonesian kitchen.

  • Nasi Goreng - Indonesian fried rice.
  • Indonesian sate's - Spicy meat skewers.
  • Gado Gado - Vegetable salad.
  • Peanut sauce - Tasty hot sauce.
  • Sambal Manis - Chilly condiment.
  • Atjar tjampour - Cucumber pickle.
  • Kroepoek udang - Prawn crackers.

The next menu is a bit more adventurous and would be ideal to show of on a dinner party. I find it is best to have at least 6 guest when doing a larger meal. With less guest you'll have to make the quantity of the dishes so small that it becomes very inconvenient. For preperation times, refer to the individual recipes.

  • Boiled Rice - Aromatic "Basmati" is ideal.
  • Beef Rendang - Indonesian beef curry.
  • Ikan Pedis - Hot fish wrapped in cabbage leaf.
  • Babi Panggang - Tenderloin of pork.
  • Sate Ajam - Chicken Sate's.
  • Rempah - Beef and Coconut patties.
  • Sambal goreng buncis - Bean side-dish.
  • sajur Lodeh - Vegetable dish.
  • sambal goreng telor - Spicy egg dish.
  • Atjar Bening - Vegetable pickle.
  • Sambal Badjak - chilly condiment.
  • Seroendeng - Coconut and Peanut sprinkle.
  • Peanut Sauce.
  • Kroepoek udang - Prawn crackers.