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Many learners may seek the courses with certificates online, there are many online courses are available on the internet, they provide courses for free and issues an Online certificate after the course completed.

Online certificate


It is one of the most trusted and well established online course providers with certificates, it covers all the bases and they provide nearly 13,000 video courses, and another positive is these courses are taken by the various experts of a particular field so the learners need not worry about the truth of the information they provide. Their way of evaluating is tests, interactive sessions, and quizzes, and Lynda also provides an app for android and IOS. Without any cost, this app provides a one month trial. During the trail time learners can take any online and can receive certificates and then after that they can cancel it.


It is one of the best online course design and it is the great one for the design and great for marketing, this provider offers the courses for free and has 823 video courses on their website, and after completing the session the learners may download the certificates and print it. It also provides the best learning material for the learners, they have the Spanish language class, python, excel, design, digital marketing, PowerPoint, java, Salesforce classes, etc.


Alison is one of the most popular online course with thirteen million novices and thousand courses for free and all over it provides hundreds of courses over the internet, some of the popular courses are lifestyle, design, web, marketing, etc. the drawback of this course provider is their all courses are not in the video format and they don’t have any app for the androids. The positive thing about this provider is it can provide a digital certificate for certain courses.

Corporate training:

New passed out students are excited about going to job, and before getting into a job all the companies used to give training for the fresher employees. They used to give corporate training that is,


  • Communication training
  • Workplace morals
  • Basic safety
  • Cybersafety
  • Anti-harassment

Communication training:

The customer service experts need training, their job is answering the customers’ questions, receiving complaints, and feedback. Because how an employee treats his customers shows the reputation, culture, operations of his company, if he doesn’t know about how to answer his clients then it will become a difficult task for him.

Workplace morals:

When someone gives you a packet full of rules, guidelines, regulations. It’s important to hire employee workplace morale, cultures of the company, safety, and product information that need to be given to the new staff.

Basic safety:

Taking the period to cover a wide-ranging general idea of safety and security is the best way to save lives, especially the leaders must know their roles in emergency time.

Cyber safety:

All the companies must train the employees about the cybersecurity basics which helps them in times of any attacks by hackers. They have to focus on two important things like setting strong security passwords and handling the email scams.


Every employee should be given the culture and morals of the company so it is very important to give anti-harassment training to the employees.

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