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Media as the “fourth power”: Characterize one of the media

Montesquieu has established a tripartite power, but for a long time, “the fourth power” exists. This concept is attributed to the media. It is not known who named it, but you know why. Media has free independent and generally accessible influence public opinion, which means that it has such strength that it affects society and politics. Keep your faith on the Naija News and they will provide you with all the supports now.

All this independence, freedom of speech, is somewhat limited. Not literally. Journalists, reporters, etc. in their work should be guided by ethical principles. Why? In fact, the media play a major role in today’s world. When we want to find out who is the new president, we will include news, read about it in the newspaper. We are not able to determine whether the data that has been given to us was manipulated, falsified or truthful. However, we base our vision on the media, because we believe that as one of the most important authorities in the country, he is telling the truth. Why should they lie to us?

The freedom of speech, including journalism and the right to formulate critical judgments, contributes to the proper functioning of state institutions.

Media the fourth power

Radio is one of the oldest media. In 1920, Pittsburgh was the first radio station. The specificity of this medium is that it operates only with sound words and music. In contrast to another internet, press, television, one could say that it is very poor and out-dated. Even with the rapid development of the Internet, the broadcasters had a podupaść. However, it did not happen, and the radio is still very popular.

You can believe that the radio has not deteriorated because it is generally available. Wherever we are, we can listen to various stations, broadcasts. It is also important that by participating in data reception, we are able to do other things to listen to the radio, we only engage the sense of hearing.

Despite many positives, the radio has to be very flexible, act strategically. It should have a goal to which it aspires. Choosing the right programs for the recipients (radios listen to everyone, regardless of age. Therefore, it cannot encourage listeners through an interesting picture, animation. The whole is based only on the basis of sound.

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Mass Media – as sources of information

Examples of mass media:

  • gazety,
  • television,
  • radio,
  • Internet,
  • information and mobile phones.

Features of a good journalist:

  • unspeakable diction,
  • good and effective transfer of information,
  • good looks.

Information that is made public should be brief and short, but also exhaustive. Journalism should be guided by an informative message of information; feel good humour and the efficiency of your work.

The media have an offensive effect on public opinion. Good advertising ensures higher sales of goods, and well-informed information is well received. Personally do not believe in advertising, because you think that the ads do not convey the truth and are very much coloured.

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