Skin Treatments which Brides-to-be must avoid

Having a spotless and glowing skin is a dream of every bride. To believing in its dream, they do it all processes from spending multiple hours in the salon to going on an enriched diet. In this article, we demonstrate five common skin treatments that brides must stay away from it

Patients can get perfect treatment from a skin clinic.

Skin is a very sensitive part of our body and the involvement of harmful therapies and treatments made our skin cells weaker and weaker and at some point they are dead and skin looks too rough and unhealthy. 

The patient’s suffering from this can seek help from a specialist skin doctor as he gives a relevant treatment of the disorder.

Following skin-treatments are highly negligible for Brides:


It is a type of treatment that includes the elimination of the top layer skin. It is an extreme procedure to treat sun damage. It is executed in such a way to produce a surface to the skin. The treatment can lead to skin redness and swelling which might remain for months. Moreover, it can also cause a change in skin color.

2. Skin Polishing

This treatment can be used to improve pores, renew the skin tone and eliminate fine lines. Skin polishing is often known as microdermabrasion. Moreover, this treatment executes on the principle of dermabrasion. However, excess use of this treatment can cause redness to the skin, tightness and bleeding spots. Broken blood vessels and cold sores. An individual has gone through 6-12 sessions of the procedure for any results.

3. Parlor Facials

A common treatment for younger skin is parlor facials. Through this treatment, you can feel good about your skin, but the happiness is short-lived. It delivers temporary results such as itching and irritation. Regular exfoliation can eliminate moisture and other natural oils from the skin that can damage the outer layer of the skin. In a survey, it has been found that after the facial session, many people suffer from acne. In the end, facial can also cause skin allergy and scar that can disturb the overall pH level.

4. Derma Rollers

This type of skin treatment is used for skin regeneration and elimination of fine lines, facial scars, and stretch marks. Along with that, derma rollers are used to treat hyperpigmentation and sun damage. Best treatment for treating multiple disorders. But it is not safe for the skin as it brings several infections including skin damage. If you are suffering from a dark tone skin, it can lead to temporary pigmentation. Other harmful side-effects of derma rollers include redness, dry skin, irritation, and red spots.

5. Collagen & Botox Injections

Most brides make use of collagen injections to look more beautiful & get quick results. But this is used to treat minor imperfections such as acne, scars, fine lines, and wrinkles. However, excess use of it causes severe allergic reactions and bacterial infection. On the other side, botox is used for the better smoothing of wrinkles. Every product has two sides one is the positive and the other is negative. In the case of botox, it has also some negative effects or side effects like the eyelid, brow drooping and lip. Botulism processing and more importantly imbalance of lower face & lips.