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Smart Addressing for the Crystal Meth Purchase

Crystal methamphetamine is also known as ice, glass or crank. It belongs to the amphetamine class. It is a powerful stimulant that affects the central nervous system and works by releasing dopamine into the areas of the brain that control pleasure. Crystal meth comes in the form of translucent crystals, hence its name. It is made from ingredients such as ephedrine and pseudoephedrine substances used in decongestants, and various toxic substances to increase its potencies, such as paint thinner and sulfuric acid found in automobile batteries), or insecticides. It is a drug synthesized in clandestine laboratories. Before you buy crystal meth online keep these in mind.

Modes of consumption

Crystal meth can be smoked which would be the most common model currently for gay men in Montreal, prized snorted, injected slam, swallowed or taken intra-anal. The time of action and the intensity of the high dependency on the mode of consumption and the concentration of methamphetamine in the product purchased.

buy crystal meth online

Effects felt

Crystalmeth is consumed for its effects felt in short terms that are distinguished below. Unfortunately, whether in the short or long term, it also leads to other dangerous health effects, which you can see in the Health Risks section. The effects may vary depending on the physical and emotional state, the context of consumption and the quality of the product.

  • Energy, more alert spirit
  • Need sleep
  • Endurance, fatigue resistance
  • Sexual energy, libido
  • Feeling of shyness
  • Sociability
  • Appetite
  • Productivity, self-confidence


  • Changing the perception of time
  • Escape from everyday life and routine
  • Helps to dance hours or hours in a club or party or to have sex for hours
  • Forget to drink, eat, take medicine or protect yourself


Chemsex is defined by the use of psychoactive substances in a sexual environment. For several years, crystal meth has been widely associated with this practice. Indeed, crystal meth can increase energy, self-confidence and prolong the state of awakening. Many people use it in order to enhance their sexuality. Crystal meth intensifies the drive and sexual experience while increasing euphoria and reducing inhibitions. Many people feel sexier.

For some, the use of crystal meth and the exploration of different facets of their sexuality go hand in hand. Thus, under the effect of crystal meth, many come to exceed their own limits, those they would never have crossed in normal times: sex for long periods of time or with different partners, more sexual practices rough, new practices, etc. Unfortunately, because of the use of crystal meth, vigilance with regard to protection, i.e. the use of a condom or other techniques is much less widespread. In addition, as the number of partners tends to be higher, and the sex rougher, the risk of injury and transmission of STBBIs is multiplied. You can also browse expert Guide to a Safer Sex Life, which will help you take control of your sexual health by telling you how to make your relationships safer.

The down (crash)

The days following the consumption of crystal meth can be difficult physically and psychologically. Many symptoms can be felt: anxiety, agoraphobia fear of being in a public space or in the middle of a crowd, depression, agitation, irritability, impatience, paranoia, insomnia, confusion, nightmares, suicidal ideation, great fatigue, feeling of lack craving, want to consume again.

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