quanto custa transportar um veiculo na cegonha

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Sometimes you also run into rental terms that are completely different from the rest of the world. This happened for example. You had taken the extra cover of Auto Super Cover, which then refunds the deductible in the event of something happening, but there it was with a small read: No compensation: If the car was driven on unpaved roads or off-road. With the camion this is important now.

At the counter it was announced that you would pay an extra $17 per day for a deductible of zero and windshield insurance. Otherwise, the deductible is $ 1,700. These would have taken care of the insurance that you already had, but specifically wanted protection against the wind throwing rocks at the side of the car, the chassis or the windshield on unpaved roads. Then you had to pay another $15 more per day and of course that portion could not be bought alone. If not, the deductible was $80,000.

At this point you asked if he was really talking about the $o or the crowns. Next to me, another client completely lost his nerve and shouted that AVIS was trying to pee. The official said quite calmly: This is Iceland.

In Asia things are different

quanto custa transportar um veiculo na cegonha

In Asia, it is not always possible or sensible to hire a car through a well-known company. We have rented cars from small family companies and comical cases have not been avoided. In Bali, the car ran out of fuel even before leaving. Going over the mountains in northern

Specialty cars are also available

Little is known about renting specialty cars. The most common belief is that they are horribly expensive False. If you’re heading to Germany, expert recommends taking a look at this category as well. The supply and prices are usually surprising: the BMW X5, the Range Rower, the Jaguar F-type, the Mersun S Series, etc. prices only about double for standard cars.

In addition to traditional car rental companies, rental cars are provided by a number of Internet brokers and travel sites. By booking a car through a dealer, you will receive a voucher to prove that you have already paid the rent to the dealer, but the lease itself will be made with the rental company. The terms of the contract with the dealer may differ significantly from those of the car rental company. The insurance and security provided by the intermediary, for example the deductible, are between the intermediary and the customer and thus do not bind the rental company. You are primarily liable to the rental company under the agreement.

There are country-specific differences in car rental

Expert explains that the additional services offered in different countries may differ slightly: Always read the rental agreement carefully and make sure that you have all the services and products you want. The lease is also always available in English. Signing the agreement signifies that you understand the content of the agreement and that you are committed to complying with it.

In addition to your driving license, you will also need a valid credit card. The driver must have a valid credit card in his or her name when picking up the car. In some countries, the driver may be required to have two different cards from different credit card companies, especially if the rental car is of a luxury level. Points out those copies of driving licenses are not accepted, but that the card and its validity are always checked at the rental agency.

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