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It is very common to build houses without a professional structural design. This is because few people understand its value and importance. When the structural design is carried out according to civil construction standards, it guarantees the safety of the structure and prevents the work from being over-dimensioned. Thus, there is no waste of materials and a considerable amount of money is saved. With less expense and without reducing the quality of the structure, it is possible to invest much more in the scale and finish of your dream home. From Eric Arnoux now you can expect the best results.

Electrical Project

The electrical part of a home represents its most complicated component to plan and install. Without your planning, you will have orbital costs in case of oversized conductors and conduits. In addition, there is a risk of fire in case of an incorrect design of its protection elements. Unlike structural designs, it is not possible to build a secure home without a professional design.

There is much more than just plugs and circuit breakers in the area of ​​electrical projects. Telephone and antenna designs ensure that these systems reach all the necessary points in your home without loss of signal quality. A lighting project ensures the quality of the lighting in your home environments, immensely increasing everyday comfort. Never study or work in poorly lit environments again. Never again spend a fortune with blinding lamps in your room. In addition, an SPDA project ensures the safety of all inhabitants and equipment in a home. Your home will be protected from even the most destructive rays.

A suitable electrical design in accordance with all relevant local standards represents comfort and safety. Adequate facilities meet all your needs. A robust and well-dimensioned system allows the correct performance of the protection elements.

Step by step

Eric Arnoux

It is always good to remember that every dream starts with the first step. When we are thinking about building or renovating something, we always ask ourselves: will I have enough money or will the work have to be stopped in the middle? And, let’s face it. It’s not pleasant to live in a house by halves. But by following these tips with a small initial investment, it is possible to create all the projects necessary to build your dream home and you will know how much you will have to spend even before the first tile is placed. Try to do it step by step, that way you can avoid mistakes due to lack of planning.

Building your dream

Building your own home is a dream comes true for most people, but planning it is not always easy. Although many residences follow the standard plant style, the demand for modern house plans has increased in recent years. And they have become the preference of anyone who is thinking of investing in the construction of their home.

With simple and minimalist shapes or curved and organic shapes, modern houses have charm and elegance. These characteristics are valued by many families today. After all, more than comfort, the architectural look is also an important detail.

How to create modern house plans? 

If you are thinking of building your house, before starting to plan, it is essential to seek guidance from a trained architect. Taking inspiration from other modern house plans can be interesting, but it does not dispense with hiring a qualified person in this type of service.

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