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The Complications of Tall Trees in Tree Care

tall timbers to reorganize a garden or eliminate a potential hazard, the felling of a tree is sometimes necessary. However, the risks of such an operation should not be underestimated, especially if the tree is large. It is therefore essential to ask how to fell a tree and learn about the mistakes to avoid. This page informs you in detail about the best ways to get rid of dangerous tall timber.

The safety rules to follow to fell a tree

tall timbers

Before you explain how to kill a tree, we must give you the safety rules to absolutely respect. Indeed, the use of a chainsaw is far from benign, and can even be very dangerous. If you are not comfortable with a chainsaw, it is strongly advised that you call a professional. If the chainsaw has no more secrets for you, here are still some essential safety rules to take to perform such a task:

Plan the felling: it is important to prepare the work well in advance. You cannot decide to cut your tree an hour in advance. Before the work, take the time to think about all the consequences of felling, including the direction of fall, the potential hazards, and how to evacuate the trunk.

Wear safety gear: Helmet, goggles, and gloves are essential when tackling such a project.

Do not be alone: we never cut a tree alone: ​​it is the best way to make an accident and to be unable to call for help.

Plan a first aid kit: an accident happened quickly. Always plan a first aid kit and a mobile phone, to contact emergencies in case of problems.

Check the gasoline level of the chainsaw: running out of fuel during the felling of a tree can be dangerous, hence the interest of being ahead of the game.

Namely: If your tree is particularly tall or seems dangerous to cut, ask a specialist. It is better to trust professionals’ landscapers, loggers, or others than to put yourself in danger.

Felling a tree step by step

A tree on your land is taking you light or is about to fall? In this case, do not hesitate before shooting it! But that does not mean you have to slice the tree anyhow. To ensure the success and safety of this operation, it is important to follow the following step:

Prepare the drop zone

It is essential to plan the fall zone when trying to cut a tree. Indeed, a tree that falls in the wrong direction could crush property or, worse, people. The ideal is to drop a tree towards its natural inclination, but it is of course out of the question if the trunk falls towards a house or a building. In this case, it is necessary to condition the drop zone, thanks to a particular cut or even the third step of this method.

In addition to determining the drop zone, you will clear this area and arrange for nothing to be in the immediate vicinity of the tree. Also, plan for a fallback zone if your tree is not felling as planned. Of course, when you attack the tree, no one should be in the safety zone at least two tree lengths around the trunk.

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