The recession of economic growth of the online trading system and benefit of cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency. In 2008, the bitcoin domain was registered but the transaction took place in 2009. There are some similar various aspects in digital currency and cryptocurrency is that the latter is decentralized which means government or central back are not issued or backed by the central authority. Cryptocurrency run across several networks of the computer. The digital currency has the same traditional currency by exit only in the digital world. It may be issued by the government. There are some types of cryptocurrency wallets, namely mobile wallet, online wallet, hardware wallet, a desktop wallet, and paper wallet. The wallet is used to store, receive, and send cryptocurrencies. While using these trades, it may profit off our economy currency .

Benefits of the cryptocurrency

  • Low operation cost
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Fast transaction
  • Transparency
  • Anonymity
  • Highly secured
  • Simple to use

Low operation cost – It is mainly used for many transferring by the way of an online forum or bank gateway is considerable fees for the transaction. By the way of crypto trades transfer need not pay commission. It does not depend on anyone for online transactions.

Unlimited transactions –  By using cryptocurrency,  we can easily pay the money wallet to anyone. The online transactions can’t depend on anyone and no one can control or prevent the money

Fast transaction – with the help of crypto trades, they can easily receive the money. Cryptocurrency is based on the blockchain; it occurs payment of fee and host of the approval in the present.

Transparency – In cryptocurrency, has transactions recorded in the blockchain. It keeps secrets every about the details of cryptocurrency.

Anonymity – we can able to create an infinite number of the wallet without any reference of the name and addresses or any other information.

Highly secured – cryptocurrency is very secure compared to any other online issues. Hackers can’t reach your account wallet. This is a highly secured in a blockchain system.

Simple to use  – we first to know about the producer and several documents. We can start a wallet to make money.

Demerits of the cryptocurrency

  • Lack of knowledge
  • Strong volatility
  • Not accept widely
  • Unable to reverse the payment
  • Storing of cryptocurrency

Lack of knowledge – In the rural side, there is no awareness about the cryptocurrency. When people are using this system, hackers can be controlled their accounts. Digital currency is sometimes faulted the technologies error.

Strong volatility – In this online marketplace, cryptocurrency has a highly volatile nature. This is the main reason for mass adoption is taking longer than it. Many business owners are not interested in this marketplace.

Not accept widely – still now some centuries have not accepted the cryptocurrency, there is no way to get the refund of the amount paid.

Unable to reverse the payment – if we mistakenly send the money throughout cryptocurrency, it does refund the payment. We want to forget our money, we can’t find out the person.

Storing of cryptocurrency – if we stored digital currency in our mobile or system, we can better remember our password and doesn’t lose the devices.

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