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Carpets are extremely popular in living rooms. No wonder, after all, they provide more comfort or are a visual statement. Unfortunately, however, they also attract dirt and dust and are also not immune to stains. We show how effective carpet cleaning is and which home remedies help. You can choose the oriental rug cleaners there.

Clean the carpet with the vacuum cleaner

orientasl rug cleaners

Almost every vacuum cleaner has a carpet nozzle. However, experts recommend using the conventional brush attachment. This loosens up the carpet structure and loosens dirt better. Sucking may be a little more difficult, but it is more effective.

Knock out the carpet

Knocking out a carpet regularly doesn’t just make sense. If you let it hang outside for a while, it can air out a little. When knocking out, please only hit the underside after all, you want to remove the dirt and not knock deeper into the fibers.

Wet cleaning only in summer

Many carpets can be cleaned wet. For this, a cleaning solution is first sprayed on, which is then suctioned off with a special vacuum suction device that can be borrowed. Depending on the carpet, the fibers can become soaked with water. Wet cleaning should therefore only be done in summer, so that the carpet can then dry away well. It is best not to expose to direct sunlight, as the colors can fade. Smaller carpets can also be washed in part in the washing machine the label provides information. Carefully heavy carpets that are very dirty are best given to professional cleaning.

Clean carpet with snow

This trick comes from times when not every household had a vacuum cleaner. In winter you can lay carpets with the top on a clean, closed blanket of snow after tapping. This way, the top fibers are cleaned without the carpet being completely saturated with water.

Caution with steam devices

Steamers are often recommended for cleaning carpets. In fact, steam can help loosen stains in the fibers. Very important: The devices must not be set too hot. Otherwise the dirt is burned into the fabric and can never be removed or only with great effort.

Just dab, don’t rub

If the carpet has got a stain, you should act as soon as possible. Just don’t rub or rub on the stain: this will only push the dirt deeper into the fibers. Instead, try to carefully pat the area with a cloth. To do this, you work from the outside in. Regardless of whether soap, carpet cleaner or household remedies are used: Always test in an inconspicuous area first especially with natural fibers. Many products have a bleaching effect and can leave light spots. For very fresh stains, mineral water has proven itself, which is put on the spot and then taken up with a cloth. The soda loosens the dirt without sticking the carpet fibers or leaving any other residue.

Impregnate carpets

Carpets in corridors in particular are subject to particularly high levels of stress. It can help here after cleaning with a commercially available impregnating spray e.g. B. spray for shoes. This protects the fibers and the dirt does not settle as quickly. When spraying, make sure that it is PFC-free so that no toxic vapors spread in the living area.

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