The Smartest Options for the Best of Digital Marketing Base

If you start with zero, you should not wait for a few months for results, because it takes Google a while to crawl and rate a new website. There comes the use of the adpoint .

Do I need to refresh pages?

Even a good ranking in the search results can be dropped if Google’s algorithm changes, new competitors enter, or you haven’t updated your page. Optimization can always be improved and text quality improved. You can also enrich your content with things like text lifting, videos, new links, pictures, and infographics.


However, don’t cheat on a well-ranked page if you don’t know what you’re doing. Edits can also lower your ranking. For example, don’t change the URL. Doing so will deprive you of the old page. When making edits, back up your old version and see what happened to your investment in a couple of weeks.

SEM stands for search engine marketing and can be translated into search engine marketing. Search engine marketing is sure to become a paid-for Google keyword advertising and is often used interchangeably. However, search engine marketing can be seen as a broader term that acts as an umbrella term for keyword advertising and search engine optimization.

So the idea behind search engine marketing is to bring quality traffic from search engines to a company website organically or through paid advertising. So the goal is not to get the most traffic to your site, but to reach the most potential customers. The content of the website should be of high quality and serve the customers at different stages of the purchase path, i.e. the content should provide answers to their problems. The most important task of search engine marketing is to get our own website first in the search results with the desired keywords. This is important because the first search result receives up to 40% of all clicks, the second search result gets less than 12% and the third search result gets less than 9%. This way, a higher rank will guarantee more clicks to your site.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

As mentioned above, Search Engine Marketing can be seen as an umbrella term for search engine optimization and keyword advertising. So the idea of ​​search engine optimization is to get your web page up in the search results with the desired keywords to get the most traffic to your site. The challenge with search engine optimization is that Google doesn’t disclose information about its search engine algorithm, and it is constantly changing. However, a few commonly considered ways of search engine optimization have been identified. These include:

  • The safe and searchable website
  • Fast website especially on mobile
  • Mobile-optimized content
  • Age of domain

Optimized content that matches the keyword that leads to the page

Website Technical Search Engine Optimization, such as placement of keywords in titles, Meta description and hierarchy of titles: main title h1 and subtitles h2 and h3

  • User Experience
  • Link building
  • Sections on social media
  • Up-to-date business information e.g. address and phone number

SEA: Search Engine Advertising: Keyword Advertising

In addition to search engine optimization, paid keyword advertising is a very effective way to get your site to the top of the search results. Google assigns a value Ad rank to search for ads to determine which ads appear in addition to organic search results and in which order. Ad rank takes into account your bid, the quality and compatibility of your ad and landing page, and the context in which the searcher is searching for information on the search engine and possible ad extensions.

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