gilet de costume

Wear the men’s waistcoat: tips and advice for a flawless look

The waistcoat is a classic of men’s outerwear. Nothing else than a shirt without sleeves, the men’s waistcoat still has its own aesthetic. Not without reason is it an essential part of the business sector suit. Also, in the modern, sporty leisure fashion, the men’s waistcoat is an essential piece of clothing that plays its advantages comfortably on many occasions.

The Stylistic Contents

Stylistically, a men’s gilet de costume , always makes something. The straight cut emphasizes the upper body in an interesting way and forms an attractive, sporty silhouette. Comfortably warms the waistcoat the upper body, leaving the arms a lot of freedom of movement and is always well ventilated. This is an ideal choice for cool and medium temperatures and whenever the look of your outfit plays a role in addition to the sporty comfort.

gilet de costume

The Changing Fashion

After a few years in which the men’s waistcoat was no longer in fashion and present on the catwalks of the main Italian and international fashion brands, in recent times it seems that the garment is back in vogue again. Elegant and chic in the same way, the waistcoat is a classic piece of men’s fashion suitable for a modern and casual look.

The Proper Way to Wear It

As with all clothing, the waistcoat must also be worn in the right way. Below are some useful tips for getting the right outfit by wearing it. As with any other kind of elegant garment, even to wear a waistcoat, you have to follow some basic rules to avoid common mismatches.

  • In the first instance, the shape and size chosen are important. The waistcoat must, in fact, cover the natural life of the person but also the belt of the trousers. The side and back parts may be slightly shorter. However, the garment must be worn with a shirt worn inside the trousers, well inserted, in order to avoid unpleasant creases or bulges.
  • He must then have flat and tense shoulders resting on the person’s natural shoulders and under the tips of the shirt collar. If worn with a jacket, the V-shape of the neckline must be tight enough so that the collar of the jacket does not cover it completely. Precisely to ensure an optimal fit, it is good to choose a man waistcoat of high manufacturing quality, such as those made and marketed, which offers single-breasted and double-breasted solutions in various colors and patterns worked with quality materials, perfect for every kind of occasion.

The last button should be left unfastened, as is the case with the jacket, and serves not to unbalance the figure of the person from the visual point of view but also to ensure smooth movements and practicality. The exception for this rule is represented by formal dresses; here the waistcoat should be kept exclusively buttoned.

  • As far as colors are concerned, it should not be worn on black trousers, unless it is part of a three-piece suit. In the case of broken clothes, it must always be chosen in color different from black.
  • To accompany the waistcoat, it is preferable to use the straps instead of the belt because the latter gives additional volume in the area that must be slender from the waistcoat. Even for the suspenders, eccentric colors or patterns should not be chosen, favoring dark or combined shades.

In the case of a three-piece suit, the waistcoat must be of the same fabric and color as the suit and require the presence of the tie or bow tie. For an elegant but serious look, the waistcoat should be worn with a contrast of color or fabric, in order to break up the general appearance of the dress and creating a very special look.

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