All you must know before choosing Binary options

All you must know before choosing Binary options

Making money is the basic need of every individual, and many times, people search for natural ways of making money. Trading is one of the best-known methods of investment and earning a profit. There are different types of trading in different countries of the world, and Binary option is one such form of online trading such as ไบนารี่ออฟชั่น . It is a simple and straightforward way of expanding your benefit or resources if I have to choose between two options, a high or low.


In the binary option, you have to predict whether the values of the assets go high or low. If your forecasts go right, there are chances that you win up to 70-95% of your investment. Say if you have invested $100 you can earn up to $170-$195. This is a beautiful way of making money faster and faster. But remember, on the other hand, if your predictions go wrong, you will completely lose your investment. So it is always better to understand well about the game and all its pros and cons before investing significant amounts.

Generally, there are four types of binary options:

  1. High or low: This is the most common type of binary option played by most of the traders and here all you have to do is, guess whether the price of an asset finishes high or low at the given expiry time.
  2. In or out: Here there will be some pre-set figures say a top and a little. The traders must predict what happens to the asset price by the time of expiry. That is you have to tell if it finishes within the given boundary or crosses it.
  3. Ladder: Though it is very similar to high or low trade, here you can see some pre-set price levels.
  4. Touch or not: Here again, there are some set levels and the traders have to guess if the value can touch the set trademark or not.

Steps to begin trading:

  1. First, you have to choose the right broker to start your trading with. Be careful because many frauds will be waiting to steal your money. Check the list of brokers who are blacklisted or listed under spam page before finalizing one. Also, consider the minimum investment amount and the benefits they offer.
  2. Then select the market in which you wish to trade. It may be Stocks, oil price, cryptocurrency, commodities, etc.
  3. Select the time of expiry. You can choose any time range from 30 seconds to 12 months.

If the expiry time is below five minutes, it is considered to be short term or Turbo investment. If the expiry time is between 5 minutes and till the end of the day, it is considered to be reasonable and any expiry time beyond a day up to 12 months is considered to be long term.

  1. Then set the size of trade and while doing this, be careful about your investment. Once you choose all these, you can start trading by forecasting your predictions.