Call tracking technology

Call tracking system to improve phone sales

Technology should be improved through that crime also developed. Many people should choose the wrong way to earn money. For that person, the phone sales company should attach the call tracking system. It is useful to find criminals easily. Because every human should have a phone in their hand. It may be a gentleman or a criminal. But they have a phone for their use. So phone sales company should attach the chip called tracking chip. It should expose the exact place where the mobile phone should travel. Call tracking technology is helpful to the police department. They have the necessary to find the criminals. So this call tracking system is useful to society. Ordinary people should use this technology for their use. Many women should use this tracking system for their safety. We have a special app to activate the tracking system to one phone to another phone. Many women are going out of their work. Some working women should return home at night time. For those girls, we should create the app for their safety.  They should attach their mobile number to their parents and relatives and also they attach their number to the police station. It is useful for their safety and important for every girl.

Call tracking technology

An Online call tracking system

We should have a facility to track the phone calls on the internet. For that work, we have a mobile number. Through that mobile number, we should catch them. Many criminals should change their SIM or destroy their SIM card. For every mobile, we should give a special number. We should identify them through that number. It is also one of the advanced levels of technology. Nowadays we need safety to live in this society. Particularly, women need more safety and security to live their life. The phone sales company has an online tracking system to help the public. It should reach among people. They should accept the call tracking system. We have some online call tracking system. They are

  • Dynamic number insertion – in every mobile phone we should set the auto call tracking system for safety. The police department we have a special group to analyze the phone calls. The normal phone number did not affect the public. Suppose we have a suspicious mobile number we should check it. We have only an online campaign and traffic source to call others. It is also one of the tracking systems. Many people should be benefited through this tracking system.
  • Static number tracking – we should set the basic things on the internet to people. Through that also we should track the call. We have some online marketing system like newspaper, radio, TV, and mail. These are all useful to know about the mobile phone. We have set the mobile phone to track that phone. All people should read the newspaper in the early morning. At that time this tracking system is activated. After that, we should run the whole day. No one can stop the tracking system.
  • Measure lead quality – we should know about the quality of this phone campaign. It s useful to measure the call tracking system. We have parameters to track the calls. That parameter should start optimizing for lead quality. The company should not run for quantity only. We have responsibility for the nation.
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