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The Best of Steam Cleaning At Your Doorstep Now

The carpet, of course, is cozy and warm but requires much more attention than parquet or laminate. And no matter what carpet you have on the floor, in any case, it collects all the dirt in the house, so you need to clean it. This means vacuuming at least once a week, ideal if you knock it out a couple of times a year yourself or take it for professional cleaning, but it’s much easier and cheaper to maintain cleanliness regularly, so the thing will last you much longer. With the carpet steam cleaning company you can now have the smartest solutions.

To make the carpet a decoration, and not a distributor of dust and unpleasant odor, we have collected the most famous methods of cleaning the carpet.

Household vacuum cleaner

This technique is in every home, without a vacuum cleaner it is difficult to imagine a full-fledged cleaning. As a rule, in addition to the device itself, various nozzles are attached. The most important thing to know: a brush with a long bristle is for natural carpets it raises the pile well, with a short one for rugs and carpets with short up to 0.5 cm and medium about 1.5 cm pile, and the nozzle without bristles ideal for long pile 2-5 cm carpets.

carpet steam cleaning company

Vacuum cleaner robot

If you decide to buy such an assistant for yourself, then for effective work on carpeting collecting small debris, wool the device must be additionally equipped with a turbo brush or silicone rollers. Significant indicators are the height of the obstacles to be overcome well if it is 1.5-2 cm and power. A simple rule: the higher the pile, the greater the power acceptable for floor coverings is 40–45 W or more, the important point is that the robot will not cope with carpets with a long pile, keep this in mind. It is also important that wet carpet cleaning is not suitable, only dry mode.

Steam carpet cleaning

Another environmentally friendly way, if you need to refresh and soften the carpet, to carry out easy disinfection. Steam cleaning can be done using a vacuum cleaner if there is such a function, a steam mop, or using a steam generator.

  • Before steaming, be sure to vacuum.
  • This method is not suitable for all types of carpets.
  • It does not remove stains and contaminants of protein origin milk, blood, etc. can brew and it will become difficult to remove them.
  • All these methods are useless if spots are present on the surface of the coating.

How to clean a carpet from stains

Before deciding on the choice of cleaning method, it is important to know what material the carpet is made of: synthetic or natural. The nature of pollution is also important. To begin with, you should carefully vacuum the surface, brush the pile if it remains.

If the stain is fresh blot the surplus as carefully as possible with a slightly damp paper towel or towel, do not rub, this will only increase the front of your work. The surface of the dry spot must first be cleaned to remove adhering dust and particles of contamination. Before applying the product on a stain we recommend that you test on a barely visible area to make sure that the product does not spoil the material and color.

Take precautions: take care of your eyes and ventilate the room well, work with gloves on.

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