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The role of a leader is to make more leaders not more followers

One wants to fulfill different roles as an emploi business manager every day, for example, leading a team as well as you have to find yourself a struggle, transferring new agreements,  representing your team at a board meeting, or favorable a demand for a new computer system. Simply saying one has to do multiple roles like expectation change, situations, various tasks, various experts argued that there are ten important roles a business manager needs to play every day,

Roles of a business manager:

The business manager has to do these various roles like a representative, liaison, businessperson, observer, speaker, figure pate, source allocator, trouble manager, disseminator, and leader. And all these roles are divided into three categories like Personal, decisional, informational.


As a representative, the business manager has to seek out information related to his organization and industry regularly and he has to look for the significant changes of his company and also he has to monitor his team, he has to look after his team’s well-being as well as the output of your team.


A business manager must be a bridge between his company and external relations because it is the manager who has to communicate with the internal as well as the external associates. The manager should be effective in his communication and he must talk with them on behalf of his company.


As a manager, he has to make and govern variation within the business, this refers to creating new ideas, and implementing it, solving various problems, handling your team.


As an observer, it is the manager who has to take part it and direct, important discussions within your team, unit, or association.


Every business manager has to represent and give a voice for his organization, in this role manager is the only responsible for conveying info about his organization, ideas, and goals to the people outside it.

Figure pate:

As a manager of a company he should have formal, social, and authorize responsibilities, the company expects that manager’s work should be an inspiration for other workers, other workers and outsiders may loop up to you as a figurehead, a person with power.

emploi business manager

Source allocator:

A business manager has to know where the resources of your organization are functional, this involves various allocating like assigning staff, organizational resources, and allocating money.

Trouble manager:

Not only the manager for his company, but he should also manage the troubles of his company as well as his staff when the company hits an unpredicted barrier, it is the manager who has to take care of it, and the manager needs to help mediate arguments surrounded by it.


A business manager has to communicate possibly useful facts to his co-workers and his crew.


Leadership quality is an important quality of a business manager, and through this quality, he has to bring about the performance and duties of everyone in the team.

All the roles make a good manager when a person wants to be a manager he has to focus on which of these skills he is lack and then he has to develop all these qualities.

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